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The Baharon Ki Manzil 3 Movie Download In Hindi

The Baharon Ki Manzil 3 Movie Download In Hindi

The Baharon Ki Manzil 3 is a sequel to the 1968 classic thriller Baharon Ki Manzil, starring Meena Kumari, Dharmendra, Rehman and Farida Jalal. The movie was directed by Yakub Hassan Rizvi and filmed in Darjeeling. The movie revolves around the mystery of Nanda, who claims to be Radha, her dead sister, after an accident. The movie was a hit at the box office and is considered one of the best movies of Meena Kumari and Dharmendra.

The Baharon Ki Manzil 3 is a modern remake of the original movie, with a twist. The movie stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nanda/Radha, Ranveer Singh as Dr. Rajesh Khanna, Akshay Kumar as Subodh Roy and Alia Bhatt as Nalini. The movie is directed by Karan Johar and produced by Dharma Productions. The movie is set in New York, where Nanda is a successful fashion designer, who suffers from a memory loss after a car crash. She wakes up believing that she is Radha, a singer who died in a fire 16 years ago. She also claims that Subodh, her husband, is her brother-in-law and that she is engaged to Ram Kumar, a music producer. Dr. Rajesh Khanna, a psychiatrist, tries to help her recover her memory and unravel the truth behind her identity.


The Baharon Ki Manzil 3 is a highly anticipated movie that promises to be a thrilling and emotional ride for the audience. The movie has been praised for its stellar cast, gripping plot and stunning visuals. The movie also features some of the hit songs from the original movie, such as "Nigahen Kyon Bhatakti Hai", "Aaja Re Piya" and "Yeh Daman Ab Na Chhutega Kabhi", recreated by A.R. Rahman.

The Baharon Ki Manzil 3 movie download in Hindi is available on various online platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar. However, we advise you to watch the movie legally and avoid piracy. Piracy is a crime and harms the film industry. You can also watch the trailer of the movie on YouTube.

If you are a fan of mystery, drama and romance, then you should not miss The Baharon Ki Manzil 3 movie download in Hindi. It is a movie that will keep you hooked till the end and leave you spellbound by its performances and story.


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