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Roasted Red Pepper Salad Recipe

Place roasted peppers, oil, vinegar, garlic, smoked paprika, salt and pepper in a blender or food processor and puree until smooth. Or blend in a large glass measuring cup or wide jar with an immersion blender.

roasted red pepper salad recipe


I found this recipe searching the internet for recipes for roasted peppers, as I had just brought home fresh peppers. It was amazing!!! My husband loved it too and suggested that I make it again and put it over hamburgers. This recipe will definitely be made many, many times.

This has been one of my favorite recipes! I am Moroccan and I have a different twist to this recipe.After broiled/baked and then Once I peel off the skin, I slice the skinless pepper in pieces and put them on baking sheet with parchment paper and I bake them AGAIN for 20 min at 250-275.I may spray olive oil on them. What this does is caramelizes them. They become so sweet.I then add my olive oil and crushed garlic and a little bit of salt.The sweet and salt and garlic is an amazing combination!

Growing up in Michigan, I spent my summers at my cottage in the Northern part up by Traverscity. On a lake, big garden which had all the vegetables you could imagine. My mom taught school, so summers were our vacation time. Gramps and I fished all the time so fresh fish was always on the menu, perch, blue gill, walleye and small and large mouth bass. At age 5 I learned how to clean my own fish and by 10 I was making dinner, canning vegetables and fruits, making pies and fresh breads. Apples fresh picked every fall, strawberries in June and July, Cherries at the Cherry Festival in Traverscity. So fresh foods always were a big part. Mom worked as a teacher during the year so dinner was more traditional with pot roasts, meatloaf, etc, but it seemed we always had fresh fruits and vegetables as part of the meal. Mom also didn't use as many spices as I do, but times were different back then. So ... My motto is ... There is NO Right and NO Wrong with cooking. So many people thing they have to follow a recipe. But NO ... a recipe is a method and directions to help and teach someone. Cooking is about personal tastes and flavors. I love garlic ... and another person may not. I like heat ... but you may not. Recipes are building blocks, NOT text ground in stone. Use them to make and build on. Even my recipes I don't follow most times --They are a base. That is what cooking is to me. A base of layer upon layer of flavors. I still dislike using canned soups or packaged gravies/seasoning ... but I admit, I do use them. I have a few recipes that use them. But I try to strive to teach people to use fresh ingredients, they are first ... so much healthier for you ... and second, in the end less expensive. But we all have our moments including me. So, lets see ... In the past, I have worked as a hostess, bartender, waitress, then a short order cook, salad girl in the kitchen, sort of assistant chef, head chef, co owner of a restaurant ... now a consultant to a catering company/restaurant, I cater myself and I'm a personal chef for a elderly lady. I work doing data entry during the day, and now and then try to have fun which is not very often due to my job(s). I have a 21 year old who at times is going on 12, aren't they all. Was married and now single and just trying to enjoy life one day at a time. I'm writing a cookbook ... name is still in the works but it is dedicated to those people who never learned, to cook. Single Moms, Dads, or Just Busy Parents. Those individuals that think you can't make a great dinner for not a lot of money. You can entertain on a budget and I want people to know that gourmet tasting food doesn't have to be from a can of soup or a box, and healthy food doesn't come from a drive through. There are some really good meals that people can make which are healthy and will save money but taste amazing. So I guess that is my current goal. We all take short cuts and I have no problem with that - I do it too. I volunteer and make food for the homeless every couple of months, donating my time and money. I usually make soup for them and many times get donations from a local grocery stores, Sams Club, Walmart etc, with broth, and vegetables. It makes my cost very little and well worth every minute I spend. Like anyone, life is always trying to figure things out and do the best we can and have fun some how along the way.

Rub the blackened skin off the chiles, pull out the seed pod and rinse briefly to remove bits of skin and seeds. Cut the chiles into -inch strips and place in a bowl along with the onions. Shake the dressing to thoroughly combine, then drizzle the pepper mixture with about 1/3 cup of the dressing. (If you want to use this as a warm dressing as is common for spinach salad, microwave uncovered for 15 to 20 seconds.) Taste and season with salt, usually about teaspoon.

You can make the peppers and toasted bread in advance. If you are planning to have leftovers, do not add the toasted bread all at once because it will lose its crunch stored in the fridge in the salad. Just add the bread as you serve it.

However, unlike those salads, this roasted pepper salad uses peppers roasted to perfection for a tender, sweet, savory, and slightly smoky salad perfect for serving up as an appetizer or side for BBQs, potlucks, and summery get-togethers.

Make ahead: I recommend making this salad a day ahead to allow the flavors to marinate in the refrigerator! If anything, this salad with roasted peppers tastes even better the second day!

This healthy roasted red pepper dressing is bright and flavorful! The perfect colorful and nutrient dense addition to brighten up any dish. Not only delicious with a healthy green salad, but also pairs well with chicken and salmon! Paleo + vegan friendly!

This roasted red pepper dressing is made with only clean ingredients like roasted red peppers, lime juice, olive oil or avocado oil, and lots of flavor boosters. No gross ingredients or funny business here!

This healthy roasted red pepper vinaigrette is bright and flavorful! The perfect colorful and nutrient dense addition to brighten up any dish. Not only delicious with a healthy green salad, but also pairs well with chicken and salmon! Paleo + vegan friendly!

Vats of daily changing soup glistened in one corner of the dining room, their liquid concoctions a welcome reprieve on cold, rainy days. Enormous bowls filled with different salads dominated another table, proffering healthy, carb-less options for those who were gluten-free, or just watching their figures. A daily changing main of meat (sometimes fresh Argentinian Assado, other times meatballs or whole roasted chickens, carved and arranged neatly on platters) was always available, and the sides varied between rice, potatoes, or even steaming, cheesy lasagnes, or a pasta bar with various sauces on the side. And not a word of the desserts.

This roasted bell pepper is a takeaway from that dining room. Each time it was offered, I could never walk past the glistening bell peppers slices, slicked in a spicy marinade of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, interspersed with big chunks of fragrant garlic. It is just a little bit spicy, but mostly its flavour is tangy and rich, almost silky and luxurious. It elevates every plate and is great on top of mashed potatoes, quinoa, or simply on its own.

Hey Ksenia, you have been on a roll! I have been travelling and not checking in often enough and I see that I have a lot to catch up on your blog. This roasted pepper salad is one of my faves. Thanks for sharing.

What a job, one that I imagine only special people are cut out to do. And that cafeteria sounds amazing, wish I had access to it. ? Love that the simplicity of this salad lets the true flavors of the peppers shine.

They certainly do, for better and for worse... I've actually made this salad twice in the last month, and now that there are still buckets of the last peppers at Quebec markets, I'll probably make it again this weekend.

Throughout fall I have been roasting red peppers and freezing them so that I can enjoy them for the rest of the year and along the way I have not been able to resist using a few of them! I have really been enjoying quinoa since I discovered it and in particular, using it to make simple salads with seasonal ingredients and I figured that a roasted red pepper quinoa salad would be perfect for fall! Keeping things simple is the name of the game and I went with some onions and garlic in addition to the roasted red pepper and quinoa. A salad such as this just cries out for a fresh herb and oregano seemed to fit the bill. Roasted red peppers are an little on the sweet side so some salty feta would fit nicely and some chick peas would bulk up the salad a bit. With that I just needed a dressing and since roasted red peppers and balsamic vinegar go well together a balsamic vinaigrette was the obvious choice. Salads like this one make for great side dishes or even light meals and in fact I have been enjoying the leftovers for breakfasts this week. Speaking of the leftovers, they are nice either warmed up in the microwave or straight from the fridge.

ingredients1 tablespoon olive oil1 small onion (chopped)2 cloves garlic (chopped)2 roasted red peppers (cut into bite sized pieces)1 cup quinoa (rinsed, I used a mix of white and red)2 cups vegetable broth (or chicken broth or water)1 teaspoon oregano (chopped)salt and pepper to taste1/2 cup chickpeas1/4 cup feta (crumbled)1/4 cup balsamic vinaigrettedirectionsHeat the oil in a pan.Add the onion and saute until tender, about 5-7 minutes.Add the garlic and saute until fragrant, about a minute.Add the roasted red peppers, quinoa, vegetable broth and oregano, season with salt and pepper and bring to a boil.Reduce the heat, cover and simmer until the quinoa is tender and the liquid has been absorbed, about 15 minutes.Remove from heat and mix in the chickpeas, feta and balsamic vinaigrette. Similar Recipes:Spinach and Feta Quinoa SaladRoasted Red Pepper and Feta RiceMoroccan Roasted Carrot and Chickpea Quinoa SaladAsparagus and Baby Artichoke Quinoa SaladGreek Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Pasta with Feta and Kalamata OlivesMediterranean Quinoa SaladRoasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Quinoa and Arugula Salad with Almonds, Pomegranate and Feta in a Lemony Tahini DressingFood, Gluten-free, Quinoa, Recipe, Salad, Side Dish, Vegetarian, Whole Grains


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