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Sultan Yefremov
Sultan Yefremov

Download TENDA N301 Router Flash Dump Rar ~UPD~

TENDA N301 dump file is shared below for repairing the firmware problem. TENDA N301 has the main board TENDA N301 installed in it so the SPI Flash file backup saved from working board TENDA N301. Mostly in s universal board is installed which has the integration of backlight driver board, ATV Tuner Module and Power Circuit board. TENDA N301 dump file is shared below for the TENDA N301 repairing. If you are trying to load this dump file in another brand with same board then picture may be distorted or inverted. so, in this case enter to factory settings or service menu by pressing Service Menu Code on remote control and change LVDS Mapping setting to clear the picture. In some boards mirror/inverted image option is not available in factory setting so in this case change the flash dump file as per panel specifications. Before changing any setting value in the service menu, make sure you know about it well otherwise it is highly recommended that do not change any setting without proper guidance otherwise you get into the problem.

Download TENDA N301 Router Flash Dump rar



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