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Teen Library Porn __FULL__

Anti-censorship protestors at a meeting of the Lafayette Library Board, defending a librarian who included queer teen dating in a book display in defiance of the board. John Burnett/NPR hide caption

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"I'm a father of four young children," said a man in a tie and blue blazer, "and my daughter found a cartoon book that was basically pornographic. It encouraged children to explore themselves in a variety of ways. It was in the children's section."

In Lafayette, the president of the library board is Robert Judge, a retired insurance claims adjustor and high-school science teacher, and a devout Catholic. He gets criticized for imposing conservative church teachings on library policy, for instance, regarding LGBTQ topics.

Judge sought to have several books banned outright, but the board didn't go along with him. As a compromise, the library moved all 1,100 nonfiction books from the young adult section to the adult collections. No books have been banned, says Danny Gillane, director of the Lafayette Public Library System.

"We're really upset that the library is being used in the culture wars," said Jean Menard, a home-school mom who says she depends on Lafayette libraries for her two teenagers' education. Menard started an anti-censorship Facebook group, Supporters of Lafayette Public Libraries. The group has more than 2,000 members.

"It is not the board of control's position to micromanage the library," she said. "Librarians need to be able to manage the library. This is a public library. It's for everyone. [If] they don't like the programs or materials, don't attend, don't check out the material!"

Amanda Jones, president of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians, made a speech against censorship and now she says she's hounded by conservative activists on social media who say she advocates pornography. John Burnett/NPR hide caption

"A few days later," she said, "I open the internet and there were pictures of me, awful memes, saying I advocate teaching erotica and pornography to 6-year-olds. It gave my school's name. None of that is true. I gave a blanket speech on censorship. And they decided they wanted to make me a target."

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Library Director Rita Ennen, speaking to The Dickinson Press, expressed confidence that the book will complete its content review and be placed on the library's shelves in the very near future. According to Ennen, the Dickinson Public Library seeks to provide patrons with as many literary options as possible.

Ennen conceded that although the library has delineated sections, there is no control mechanism to prevent minors from accessing age restricted sections of the library, and that young children are free to peruse the entirety of the library's contents.

The Dickinson Public Library Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Their next public meeting will begin at 4 p.m. on Oct. 11. The library is located at 139 3rd St. W. and library administrators can be reached at, or by phone at 701-456-7700.

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The American Diabetes Association notes that about 208,000 people in the U.S. under age 20 have diabetes. Most of them have type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes used to occur mostly in adults ages 45 and older. But now it is more common in younger people. This is from rising rates of obesity in children and teens.

The teen years can be a challenge for any child as they go through sexual and emotional changes. It can be more of a challenge for teens with diabetes. Teens want to "fit in." Being different in any way from their peers can be stressful.

A teen who used to follow their diabetes management plan may now refuse to do so. A teen may feel in denial of the disease. They may have aggressive behavior around managing diabetes. For example, some teens will skip insulin injections to lose weight.

One aspect of diabetes management is blood sugar control. This is especially hard during the teen years. Researchers believe the growth hormone made during teen years that causes bone and muscle growth may also act as an anti-insulin agent. Blood sugar levels become harder to control. This results in levels that swing from too low to too high. This lack of control over blood sugar levels can be very stressful for your teen.

Open communication is vital between you and your teen with diabetes. Your teen wants to be treated as an adult, even if that means letting them take charge of their own diabetes management plan. Teens looking forward to going away to college in a few years need to learn how to manage their diabetes themselves. These days, this involves apps and other ways of monitoring their blood sugar on a continuous basis. They can do it, with help and encouragement from their families and healthcare providers. Parents should know that teens need:

Some freedom. The teen years are a time of wanting to be spontaneous, such as stopping for pizza after school. But a teen with diabetes needs to know that managing diabetes well can actually help with this. It will help give your teen the flexibility they crave.

Some control. Teens want to be in charge of their own lives. They want to create their own identities. To achieve this control, the teenager will test limits. But a teen with diabetes can learn that having control over their diabetes also means having control over other parts of life.

Make sure the healthcare provider talks to your teen about their diabetes, not just you. If your teen trusts the provider, they are more likely to ask important questions that directly affect diabetes management. These include questions about alcohol use, smoking, and illegal drugs.

Make sure your teen understands they are not alone. Asthma is a common condition among children and teens in the U.S. According to the CDC, more than 2 in 25 U.S. children age 5 to 17 years old have asthma.

Your teen may not believe or understand how serious flare-ups can be. Talk about what can actually happen. Make sure you also discuss your teen's fears. Be honest but provide reassurance. And make sure they understand that, with good management, most flare-ups can be prevented.

Let your child help prepare and update their Asthma Action Plan. Your child should work with a healthcare provider as much as possible to do this. Your teen should always take their Asthma Action Plan to each visit with a healthcare provider for a review or updates, if needed. Make sure your teen knows the following:

The importance of taking controller medicines as instructed. These medicines are usually taken even when your teen feels well. Discuss with your child's healthcare provider the correct medicines they should use to control their asthma.

Ask your child how much support they want from you. Then let the healthcare provider help decide how much freedom is appropriate and safe. Let your teen know that freedom comes from proving that they can manage with little help. Make sure you and your child understand the rules about self-treatment at school. Your teen should feel empowered to let someone know if their asthma is doing poorly.

Handing over some asthma management to your teen may not be easy. You can do it in small steps. This will also show your teen that you respect and trust them Learning how to manage asthma on their own is an important step toward being a responsible, healthy adult.

Make sure you are educated about asthma. And share what you know with your teen. That includes printed information and website addresses. Ask healthcare providers for asthma resources, such as books, games, or videos for teens. That way, your teen gets the information from others besides you.

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