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Explore the various kinds of Couple Bracelets

How do you pick the right ring for women? What is the most appropriate kind of ring that is based on the fashion and the age of women? What are the ideal occasions to wear a timeless jewel that is unquestionably valuable? What is the best way to wear rings? Is there a standard for which finger to wear certain rings? Let's discover the answers to these crucial questions and how to wear the ring. It's a ring that is as fascinating as it also important. The ring is a symbol that marks all important stages of a love story from first love to marriage and even the most important wedding anniversary.

There are many meanings, memories and values that the ring holds with elegance and distinction, a precious daily presence that enhances the appearance and adds brightness to any appearance in a simple, quick manner.

The Solitaire Ring

The solitaire ring is universally recognized as a perfect jewelry piece to declare love and also to commemorate an important love story. The tradition states that when someone asks their beloved to marry him, he makes a promise to her of his eternal love and presents her with an engagement ring that is solitaire as a token of his love and love. The solitaire ring, just like all engagement rings, is worn on the left ring finger. This is because it was believed that the Vena amouris, a vein that runs directly to the heart on the left ring finger was the reason behind this.

The most famous solitaire rings is the Tiffany setting with the six-claw setting, created by the name of Charles Tiffany in 1886. The solitaire, needless to say, is the ring that adjusts perfectly to any style and age group, and to all women who love the elegance and beauty of precious stones.

The Trilogy ring

It was well-known that three was a wonderful number, and this is especially relevant to precious stones and diamonds. The trilogies ring has special significance. It's not only a gorgeous and refined diamond that is usually presented to show love. In the language of lovers this means that I loved you and I will always love you. The most romantic meaning is the trilogy ring. Its diamonds also add symbols of a lasting, indestructible and unbreakable bond. It is not widely known that the Trinity is also a religious symbol, and that the Trinity rings have a unique significance. The trilogy is therefore often chosen by couples who choose to celebrate their weddings in a church.

Trinity Ring

In contrast to the Trilogy which is enriched with three precious stones The Trinity ring is constructed by intertwining three rings in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The Trinity ring was designed by Louis Cartier in the year 1924. It is a precious elegant and refined gem. The two rings that are joined have different meanings: the rose gold ring represents love, the yellow gold ring represents the fidelity of a person, while the white gold ring (initially made of platinum) symbolizes friendship. The Trinity has a significance in the religion of Christianity, as well. In Russia the Trinity ring is always the wedding ring that is worn on the right.

Veretta or Riviera

The undisputed stars of a gem that is more famous than the solitaire trilogy, are the diamonds encased in the veretta ring, which is also known as the riviera the ring. The number of diamonds used in the creation of the riviera rings certainly is a significant factor in the cost, and there are two types: the half-round veretta ring with five diamonds and the full-round veretta in which diamonds are set across the entire surface. The riviera jewelry is the one that is completely covered in diamonds. The ring with the veretta symbolise a deep meaning of love, passion and loyalty. It's not a coincidence that men are among the first to present the ring of veretta for engagement gifts.


Pave is the process used in jewelry in which the precious stones are set very close to each other to create a completely covered surface. The most precious pave is that of diamonds, that are used to make dazzling rings but also earrings, brooches and pendants. The process requires small holes are cut into the base of the support made of metal within which the precious stones are expertly placed. The more even and uniform the surface is, the more efficient the pave will be and therefore its higher cost.

Toi et Moi Ring

The Toi e Moi ring is a type of ring comprised of two diamonds in a mirrored fashion that barely touch, a symbol of the unbreakable bond of two lovers. Napoleon made the Moi et Toi ring famous when he gave his future wife Josephine a ring engraved with "You and I forever". This is the reason why this precious and unique jewel has gained popularity. Toi e Moi does not need to be made of transparent diamonds of the same size. It is possible to use precious stones to create contrasts and harmony in the forms.

Halo Ring

A crown of diamonds covers the central precious stone; this is the principal characteristic of the halo the ring, which is a sparkling, elegant jewel that is perfect for women who want to be the center of the attention. Beautiful and sparkling, the Halo ring may have stones of various cuts, such as drop cut, baguette cut, princess cut, cushion cut oval cut, brilliant cut and heart cut, and many more. The precious stones that surround the central stone make the jewel extremely luminescent. This reflects sunlight everywhere and makes the person wearing it stand out.


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