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Sultan Yefremov
Sultan Yefremov

Acer Iconia 6120 Dual Touchscreen Laptop Review - PCWorld

Good day, I lost my hard drive, so I had to reinstall the operating system. The problem is that now I can not find the software on the virtual keyboard, acer ring, newspaper ... On page to download the drivers and applications Iconia also not found.

acer iconia 6120 virtual keyboard software download

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The virtual touch pad that sits underneath the virtual keyboard also could have been better. It functions well for controlling the cursor on the top screen, but lacks multitouch gestures, and is surprisingly small. You'd think with a software-driven virtual touch pad, it could be as big as you wanted. The top screen allows for Windows tablet gestures, such as swiping down as a page-down command, but it's not as smooth as the tap-and-drag controls on an iPad (which is the large touch surface the Iconia is most likely to be compared to).


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