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Erik Truffaz - In Between (2010) Flac

Erik Truffaz - In Between (2010) flac

Erik Truffaz is a French jazz trumpeter who has been exploring various musical genres and styles in his albums. He is known for his fusion of jazz, rock, hip-hop, electronica, and world music. In 2010, he released his album In Between, which features collaborations with singers Sophie Hunger, Anna Aaron, and Ed Harcourt.

In Between is a diverse and eclectic album that showcases Truffaz's versatility and creativity. The album consists of 14 tracks, each with a different mood and atmosphere. Some of the highlights are:

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  • Let Me Go!: A catchy and upbeat song that features the vocals of Sophie Hunger, a Swiss singer-songwriter. The song has a pop-rock feel with a catchy chorus and a trumpet solo by Truffaz.

  • Dirge: A dark and haunting song that features the vocals of Anna Aaron, a Swiss singer-pianist. The song has a minimalist arrangement with piano, trumpet, and drums. The lyrics are inspired by the poem "Dirge Without Music" by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

  • Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner: A playful and humorous song that features the vocals of Ed Harcourt, a British singer-songwriter. The song is a tribute to the movie "Dirty Dancing" and its famous line. The song has a funky groove with guitar, bass, drums, and trumpet.

The album is available in flac format, which is a lossless audio codec that preserves the original quality of the sound. Flac files are larger than mp3 files, but they offer better sound quality and fidelity. Flac files can be played on various devices and software, such as VLC media player, Foobar2000, Winamp, etc.

If you are interested in listening to Erik Truffaz's In Between album in flac format, you can stream it on SoundCloud or download it from various sources online.


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