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Sultan Yefremov
Sultan Yefremov

Igo Primo 2014 Igo.exe

here is igo primo v2.0 software only so you need maps poi etc but whit this version you can use the last maps (don;t forget to rename igoprimo to Mobilenavigator and igoprimo.exe to Mobilenavigator.exe

Igo Primo 2014 Igo.exe

ok I don't understand what is happened with torrent but you can give me your home address or PO box how you wish and I will send you a dvd with igo primo working including everything ,just copy on a sd card and put in your f550btI will send you the dvd in a anvelope like a letter and this will be free of charge I don't need money . can I send you the original RTNavi program but unfortunate when I put it on torrent I lost the maps. I don't know why but it happens so you can't use it because the maps from primo are not good with rtnavi because of licences .Naviextras don't update the maps it only update some pois but whit Mobilenavigator you have all you need except in this moment speedcams .For speedcams and other pois you can go to www. . you will find everything you wishif you wish RTNavi program just let me know and I will send you a dvd together with dvd mobilenavigator . everything is free of charge because I just try to help.I don't make money with this., best regards 350c69d7ab


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